Light fascinates me. Every hour, the light changes. In every country, the light is different. It bounces off the water in the Caribbean in the turquoise shades we’ve come to associate with those shores. In Deer Isle, ME, it sparkles gold in the daytime, silver at night. In Jerusalem, the sun reflecting on the stone truly makes it a city of gold. In the southwest, the sands and mountains are pinks and ochres, chalk and putty. Fabric gives me the chance to recreate the variety of light I see at home and in my travels.

Fabric too is intoxicating.  Once I see the color and feel the texture, ideas begin to flow. I have to own it, to take it home and play with it. I have dyed fabric to get the subtlety and variety that I need to create a landscape, sky, sunrise, or mountain. I have used fabric to paint these impressions because I need to see the color and shape first.  Having the fabric in my hands gives me a way to bring my vision to life.